This simple one piece 3D printed pendulum support design can be mounted to a ring stand using a right angle clamp holder.  It is marked to read +/- 40 degree angles.  The shape of the pendulum support mates with the "v" in the clamp to self-align the pendulum in the vertical plane.  Using an electrical binding post allows easy length adjustment.  This also works well with a photogate mounted to the ring stand below for accurate period measurements.


Print time at medium speed and 35% fill is about 4 hrs. I recommend placing a tongue depressor or piece rubber between pendulum support and thumb screw because over tightening (and I know this from experience) can break the support.  The binding post was obtained from Radio Shack (2740662 $3.49 for a 2pk) but you may be able scavenge one from old electronic equipment.  You may have to run a file through the slot before installing post.  I also added a #10 nylon washer from Lowe's (139065 $.56 for a 4pk) to prevent the string from wrapping when the binder is tightened.


Pendulum 2 is an improved version incorporating a Vernier force sensor rod to eliminate any breaking of the pendulum support.  It also allows for raised text which when colored with a Sharpie improves readability.

Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA)