Arbor Scientific Fan Cart on Vernier Dynamics Cart

Photos of Fan Cart


Arbor Scientific makes a $19 fan cart (P4-1986).  Unfortunately it is not good for quantitative measurements because the wheels have relatively high friction and its hard to pick up motion with a motion sensor.  Vernier makes a nice fan cart (we have one) for $94; kind of expensive for a class set.  We have plenty of dynamics carts and tracks, so the task was to create a way to mount a cheap fan cart to an existing dynamics cart.  With some modification to the Arbor Scientific fan cart, this was our solution.


The 3D printing is the easy part.  Each end will take about 40 min to print at medium speed.
Photo of End Bracket
Photo of Fan Cart Bracket
Once you have your end brackets, you will notice the Arbor Scientific cart is too long to mount to the dynamics cart.  Rework the fan cart per the instructions and pictures to the left.  Take care not to damage any wires when drilling hole or cutting base.  I had the luxury of using a drill press and a band saw.
Rework Completed and Installed on Dynamics Cart
Photo of reworked fan cart on dynamics cart
Step 1: Remove wheels/axles and sail holder, then drill 1/4" hole as shown
Step 1 Remove wheels/axles and sail holder
Step 2: Relocate on off switch
Photo of relocated switch
Step 3: Using the holes as a guide cut base to length 
Photo of base cu to length
Step 4: Using standard Vernier hardware and brackets to mount to cart.
Photo of cart mounted

DFS Cart.stl
Paul-Francis Fratiello,
Nov 18, 2016, 10:06 AM