Vernier DFS Bracket

Images of force sensor brackets


Vernier includes a sheet metal bracket to mount a force sensor to a dynamics track as part of its Bumper Launcher Kit ($89).  The kit comes with a variety of attachments for elastic and inelastic collisions. If you just want to do basic elastic collisions using a hoop bumper, you can purchase replacement hoops (2 for $15) and use this bracket to position you force sensor.


Printing this bracket is pretty straight forward.  I use a medium setting and 35% fill, which took about 4 hrs to print.  To mount the bracket to the track, I used 1/4-20 x .5" bolt and a 1/4" square nut.  I used a plain washer to prevent the bolt from bottoming out on the track.  To mount the sensor I chose a 1/4-20 x .5" washer faced thumb screw to make it easier to get on and off for calibration.
Original Vernier Bracket
Photo of original metal bracket
3D Printed Version
Photo of 3d printed version

DFS Bracket.stl
Paul-Francis Fratiello,
Nov 12, 2015, 11:55 AM