Vernier DFS Cart Mtg Bracket

Photos of DFS Cart Mount


This bracket can be used to mount a Vernier Dual Force Sensor (newer version) to a Vernier Dynamics cart in order to do simple collisions or demonstrate Newton's Laws of motion.  


This bracket can be printed in about 40 minutes at medium speed.  Installs using 2 standard Vernier mounting hardware.  Force Sensor just sits on top of bracket making installation and removal easy.  Posts pick up recessed screw holes in the bottom of the sensor.  
DFS Mounting Bracket
Photo of DFS Cart Mount
Bracket Mounted to Cart
Photo of bracket mounted to cart
Force Sensor Mounted on Bracket
Photo of force sensor mounted on bracket

DFS Cart.stl
Paul-Francis Fratiello,
Nov 18, 2016, 8:13 AM